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As the seasons changed and the time for cherry blossoms to bloom drew near.

Hibiki Ryota, who had found a new dream and decided to
re-challenge himself with the university entrance exams,
and Kenzaki Atushi, who became his tutor and boyfriend to support him.

Ryota, who successfully passed the university exams,
is given a tour of the university by Atushi during the spring break.
At that time, Ryota coincidentally reunites with his high school best friend,
Toramaru Iori. The two catch up on nostalgic topics such as
memories from their time in the baseball club and begin to reconnect.

However! Iori turns out to be a perverted guy who has been
fervently masturbating to Ryota as his fantasy!
On top of that, unbeknownst to Ryota,
a fierce battle of muscular penises erupts between Atushi and Iori!?

What on earth will happen this spring!?


Ryota Hibiki【Top】

「I’ve found a new dream」

A ronin student who re-challenged himself with the university entrance exams. As a result of finding a goal and studying seriously, he successfully passed the university exams. He will start attending university from April.

Drawing from his experiences in “Gachi-Natsu,” he has grown emotionally and has become more mature in his way of thinking compared to before. However, he still tends to rush into things due to his youth.

He has been dating Kenzaki Atushi since “Gachi-Natsu.” Ryota’s sexual desire knows no bounds, and in addition to his huge penis and incredible stamina, he has also acquired techniques that often overwhelm Atushi.

Atushi Kenzaki【Bottom】

Dreams can also be a curse, you know

Hibiki Ryota’s tutor and boyfriend. After “Gachi-Natsu,” he taught Ryota’s studies again as his tutor and successfully helped him pass the university entrance exams.

Upon seeing Toramaru Iori, who reunited with Ryota, he quickly realized that “Iori has feelings for Ryota.” With this understanding, he proposes a perverted penis battle to Iori.

He succeeded in raising Ryota to be a splendid top, but the results were beyond his expectations. Because of this, he finds himself moaning constantly every time they have sex, letting out cries of joyful agony.

Iori Toramaru【?】

Ryota, you’re going to play baseball again, right?

Hibiki Ryota’s best friend from the same high school. He used to be active in the baseball club together with Ryota and was a star player as the ace. In university, he continues to excel as both a pitcher and a batter.

He is a well-rounded sportsman who is also good at studying. He never fails to do training such as weight lifting, and is sometimes talked about as a promising player for the future.

He is not a virgin and has plenty of experience dating women. Although he is popular due to his refreshing looks and his performance in baseball, his favorite fantasy to masturbate to is actually Ryota. He has no knowledge of erotic activities between men and has never experienced it.


Charming characters by Wasp!

The character design and original drawings for this work are by the talented illustrator Wasp!

The depictions of muscles and eroticism have been further powered up since Gachi-Natsu! Please enjoy the erotic scenes of Ryota, Atushi, and the new character Iori.

Fierce Battle! Hard-Muscled Penis Battle!

In this work, a battle between men, Atushi VS Iori, a super-erect, perverted, hard-muscled penis battle erupts!

Don’t worry, there are absolutely no NTR developments that would ruin Ryota and Atushi’s relationship. It’s a fun and sexy threesome!

No complicated system at all!

A branching story with many choices? A full-blown challenge? There are no such elements!

Enjoy the eroticism and story in a casual way! is the concept of this simple, one-way novel game.

Main characters are full voice!

Erotic scenes, the more realistic they are, the more exciting they are. That’s why the voices are also included!

Male voice actors who are active in various productions will be used to further enhance the eroticism.

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TitleGachi-Haru/Spring with a muscular and dirty tutor
GenreGachimuchi Erotic Novel
Planning/ScenarioKatsutaki Kinomoto
Character Design/IllustWasp
Age RangeOver 18 years old (under 18 years old prohibited from purchasing)
Supported OSWindows
Recommended screen size1920×1080
Sales Price$25
Release Date未定

■Guidelines for Game Live Broadcasting, Distribution, etc.
1. Live game play, distribution, and publication of videos of “Gachi-Natsu” are prohibited.
2. “Gachi-Natsu Trial version” permits game play, distribution, and video publication.
3. SKSK Dan is not responsible for any disadvantages caused by the game play,
  distribution, or video publication of this work.
4. This game is a visual novel, so please be considerate so that your impressions are not excessive spoilers.

This work is a work of fiction.
It is in no way related to any real person, area, organization, or event.
Any similarity, if any, is entirely due to coincidence.

All information is under development and is subject to change without notice.

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